Our Culture

Atlas Homecare and Hospice Culture 

Our goal is to provide an “Atlas” experience through… 

● Top of the World Care 

We strive to provide top of the world care to every patient that we encounter. We provide care based on best practices. We pledge to advocate for our patients and their families to meet their specific goals of care. We strive to be one of the best care providers in the Country and will continue to do so each and every day. 

● Direction and Support 

Atlas believes in having a strong support system through training and mentoring from Administrative staff. We believe that with a strong administrative team, our providers, support staff, and outside care team will have the support they need to help care for our patients. We believe that our strong, compassionate staff can deliver exceptional care based on being provided with the highest quality training, and recognition to succeed. 

● Commitment, Compassion & Communication 

We are committed to setting the standard of care to be provided with compassion. Ensuring that we are understanding our patient’s needs, whether physical, mental or emotional and to provide open communication to patients, families and other healthcare providers. Atlas team members are selected and valued for their compassion and commitment. We acknowledge that communication is the lifeblood of effective health care. 

● Stronger Together 

There’s an African Proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We believe in the power and strength of unity. Working together and building a community of collaboration and commitment can help us to continually grow stronger each day. We believe in building each other up and recognizing that our sum is truly greater than our parts. Each person is valuable and uniquely important, but when we focus together on working toward our common goals, the collective learning, growth, and service of our individual members can create the strongest possible organization. We believe that there is strength in our unity.

● Honesty & Integrity 

Honesty, per the dictionary, is the adherence to the FACTS; a facet of morality that signifies positive and virtuous attributes like, truthfulness and straightforwardness, and involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere. Integrity, per the dictionary, is the adherence to a CODE of morals and values; a facet of soundness, completeness, and unimpaired ethical principles. Throughout history, all great organizations have based their core practices and beliefs around honesty and integrity. At Atlas, we believe that having honesty and integrity in our roles makes us stronger as a team and organization. We acknowledge that we hold our patients well being and their families trust in our hands, and we accept that responsibility with the utmost respect, gratitude and humility in our practice of honesty and integrity as an organization and as individuals. 

● Lifting your Well-Being 

Atlas takes enormous pride in ensuring that our patient’s and their families are able to find a good balance between spending time with their loved ones and still being able to live their own lives through our world class service. We pride ourselves on being able to lift patients and families’ emotions and state of mind ensuring that our staff’s well-being is kept in mind. This core value is what makes Atlas a world class organization. 

● Sharing your passion and knowing your why 

At Atlas, we believe that those who work in healthcare have received an internal calling with a higher purpose. We believe that the continued passion commitments of our team members is directly related to the wellbeing of our patients, employees, and the success of our company. We believe that making a positive lasting impression with those with whom we serve will not only benefit the company and team, but stay with our employees for a lifetime. 

● Finding the joy 

At Atlas, we believe in infusing joy and happiness into everyday life as a means of improving health for our clients and teammates alike. We strive to create a positive environment where our employees feel fulfilled in their role within the company.